Diving in Sarangani

Diving in Sarangani

The province of Sarangani is located in the southern part of the Philippines.

It is a tropical paradise with beautiful nature and white fine sandy beaches.

As a diver, there are many places to explore. There are pristine coral gardens that spread out on the seabed mixed with all different fish species.

Sarangani bay

Bawbawon Island is an island located in Plaridel, Misami Occidental, in northern Mindanao. The island is secluded and there is a peace and quiet spread throughout the place and is the opposite of the cities life ohc movement. The water is clear and blue with good visibility. The island and its surrounding waters are a haven for rich marine biodiversity. With just a snorkel, you can reach the beautiful underwater ecosystems of corals and wildlife.

Mantigue Island is a 40000.00 m² tropical island. In the middle of the island is a mini forest.

Some of the colorful and rare creatures that swims in the water are the endangered hawksbill turtle, slugs, frogfish, sharks and large schools of different fish species.

There are fantastic coral gardens and they are very popular to capture on camera among underwater photographers.

Gen San is also called Tuna City, which offers some of the most outstanding wall diving in the country. A large part of the diving takes place in Sarangani Bay, where its colorful edge reef stretches for miles off the beach.

Kapatan Reef – is a private reef that serves as Sarangani Divers’ favorite spot or for those who choose to visit Gen San and stay longer than a day. As it is a privately owned place, the owners make sure that it is always clean and fresh there and safely protected over the years. What catches most divers’ attention is the giant mussels or snappers that live in the water there.

Bawing Offshore Pinnacle – This is one of the older dive sites in General Santos City. It is located on the west side of the Sarangani Bay area. You best reach the place with a small boat that can be rented from any of the seaside resorts area.


Bilangdang Reef – one of the many interesting dive sites in General Santos City. It is best suited for experienced divers as the currents can be quite challenging. This dive site is located on the east side of the Sarangani Bay area.

Tango Point – another dive site in General Santos City located in the eastern part of Sarangani Bay. Tango Point is best suited for advanced divers with a lot of experience as it is both poor visibility and strong currents. Best suited to dive there from a boat. There you can see snappers, sweetlips and wrasse.

Cesma Cliff -This is one of the many diving sites in General Santos City in the Sarangani Bay area. This diving site offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding bay area. Just getting to the 9 meter high cliff and down to the water is an achievement in itself.

Marabueno Point- is one of the many interesting dive sites in General Santos City. It is also located in the Sarangani Bay area off the coast of Kiamba in Sarangani Province. It is only a few meters of shallow water until you reach the edge.

Sarangani mantis

Sulifman Diving Site – is another one of the popular dive sites in General Santos City. Like many of the city’s main dive sites, it is also located in the Sarangani Bay area, specifically in Kiamba, Sarangani Province. This place is also known as Veterans Beach. It is located right at the end of the Tinoto Wall Complex.