Diving in Batangas

Diving in Batangas

The province of Batangas is located on the mainland of Luzon. It has great marine biodiversity. The centre of the West Pacific Coral Triangle, Verde Island Passage, is located there.

The natural wonders in the ocean make many interesting diving sites that have been created by the nearby resorts. These are coveted diving sites by those who enjoy fun dives. Some of them are located in Bauan, Mabini, San Luis and Pagkilatan.

There are several bus lines around Buendia and Cubao that depart several times a day to Batangas. The buses usually start at two o’clock at night and the last one around seven o’clock in the evening.


It is possible to dive all year round in Batangas, but the absolute best time is during the dry season. It starts in November but the best dives are made between the end of February and the beginning of May. During June to October, monsoon rains are more common.

To dive in Batangas, one should pay attention to the tide chart and should often watch the news to check the weather forecast.

The most visited dive site in Batangas is located in Bauan. It is a boat ride away from San Luis. It can also be reached via an hour’s walk. This is usually only done if the weather at sea is too harsh with strong winds and high waves.

The area faces the open sea and therefore it is not recommended to dive there during the southwest monsoon season.

During the northeast monsoon season, it is the best time to dive in the area. It is then good weather, clear visibility and good sea conditions.

In Bauan, it is very likely that you will end up in a large shoal of jackfish. They live in the area and also stay at a depth of 5-6 meters, but during stormy days with strong currents and waves, they seek their way further down into the depths.

The Walls is a diving site that consists of a hollow narrow space between two huge rocks.

It is located on the west side of the bay past the bunker diving facility. It is a dive that suits more experienced divers as it is a narrow passage with barnacles and sea urchins on the walls. Be careful and alert to tides and currents if you decide to explore this area. The currents can cause you to squeeze in between these rocks.

There are a number of diving resorts that you can go to if you plan to dive in Bauan.

Another place worth the visit is San Luis. It is most often just passed on the way to Bauan but there are some diving places you don’t want to miss. If you swim east towards the sea, you will meet a fantastic coral bed of hard corals.

San Luis’ Cross – is a challenge but also a fun dive. It is located some distance from the hard corals, marked with a red buoy. It is a 16 meter high cross under water.