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Jessie Beazley Reef

Gradual slopes are rich in corals. There is also a drop-off which is undercut, giving the reef the overall shape of a mushroom. Shark sighting is guaranteed on any dive, with barracuda and Spanish mackerel as common visitors. Currents in the area can change direction within minutes.

North Rocks

Expert back-up both above and under water is required. A slope runs to 15 meters ending in a wall which seemingly has no base due to its depth. Big snappers and grunts that do not seem to favor the southern reef can be seen around the North Rock. Sharks are a common sight but pelagic fish might not be plentiful as elsewhere in Tubbataha. The corals are good, particularly to the northeast of the site.

North Reef-East

A favorable anchorage for visiting dive boats, this area has a short slope that runs to around 8 meters. Corals are good, and there is every chance that the diver will see spotted eagle rays.

North Reef-West and Southwest

A shallow slope goes to 4 to 5 meters then drops down to sheer depths. Marine life consists of sweetlips, garoupas, and some pelagic fish, small jacks, mackerel and small black-tip sharks. The site is noted for excellent soft corals and splendi opportunities for macro-photography. The southwest site has the edge when it comes to snorkeling because of its more extensive slopes. Hard corals on the western side of the North Reef tend to suffer from the effects of strong wave action.

North Reef-Southeast

An extensive sand slope, punctuated by coral heads buzzing with small reef fish, runs down to 15 meters, where the upper edge of another wall goes deeper. Black and whitetip sharks and barracudas are common at the site.

South Reef-West

An array of staghorn coral on a short slope runs down to 15 meters and the start of the drop-off. Rainbow runners and jewfish frequent the area.

South Islet

This area presents good drift-diving opportunities. A wide range of pelagic fishes can be seen in the drop-off, which has a depth in excess of 60 meters. Moorish idols, and crayfish can be observed in great numbers. Snorkeling is possible around the stern of the wrecked log carrier, the Delsan, but care is necessary because of the currents.

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