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The diving season in Bohol is year-round. Expect some monsoon rains between July and September. But it is generally too far south to be affected by the rainy season typhoons. 


Cabilao Island 

This eight-square-kilometer island jutting out into the waters of the Cebu Strait and the Bohol Sea is the convergence point of hammerheads sharks, tunas, dolphins, groupers, and mackerel that abound around the island.
Chartered dive boats running from Mactan Island on Cebu down Balicasag often include a stopover at Cabilao Island on their itineraries. This spot is just off the west coast of Bohol, about 2 hours out of Mactan (in fair weather) and 2 hours from Balicasag. Shark sightings are generally rare in the Philippines - presumably due to fishing pressures - but this site is sometimes patrolled by schools of hamerheads. Sightings are common shortly after sunrise or just before sunset. The best dive is on the edge of a sand-flat which projects westward from the point at the northwest tip of the island. Go down 30-35 meters(90-105 feet) and work your way along th e wall (it drops off to considerable depth). In addition to the sharks, you may see large barracudas and game fish. Colonies of garden eels live in the sand-flat. When they poke their heads out of their hoels to feed, their upper bodies sway in the current like a living carpet of long grass. As you approach they'll withdraw quickly into the sand. Strong tidal currents run at up to 3 knots, which means you need a high level of experience, a knowledgeable guide and proper timing in order to guarantee an enjoyable diving experience here. 

Panglao Island

This site is located on the southwestern tip of Bohol directly opposite Tagbilaran City. The northern and western sections of this reef are noteworthy , with a reef platform that is relatively narrow and shallow (4.5 to 6 meters). The reef has an edge terminating in perpendicular submarine cliffs which plunge down to depths of 30 to 48 meters. The reef is thickly covered with hard and soft corals. Water is crystal clear with visiblity of up to 30 meters. 

Balicasag Island

Click above for a detailed description of Balicasag island and its divesites.

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